As the number of kinship caregivers increases for children in foster care and more child welfare jurisdictions adopt a “kin first” placement practice, the need to provide specialized support for relatives is becoming even more crucial. These relatives are doing what families have always done — caring for their own. However, with the added complexity of child welfare system involvement, financial stress and multigenerational loyalty binds, these families deserve assistance from professionals trained to meet their unique needs.

To support systems and caseworkers in this work, the Foundation developed a five-part video training series: “Engaging Kinship Caregivers: Managing Risk Factors in Kinship Care.” Led by Joseph Crumbley, the training sessions strengthen the skills of child welfare professionals in supporting families to improve outcomes for children. 

  • Social Workers: 3.5 CEUs
    • KSBSRB pre-approved CEU provider number #21-002